Our Faculty & Personnel


M.Ed., Covenant College; B.A., Covenant College

Lindsey Fain

Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Education (2018)

PhD, Mercer University

MEd, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

BA, Covenant College

Amy H. Bagby

Assistant Professor of Education (2009)

Ph.D. and M.Phil., University of Cambridge; M.Ed., Covenant College; B.S., Georgia State University.

Jack E. Beckman

Professor of Education (2004)

Ph.D. and M.A., University of Notre Dame; M.A., Westminster Theological Seminary; B.A., Covenant College.

William Davis

Professor of Philosophy (1997)

Ph.D. and M.Ed., University of Georgia; B.A., Covenant College.

Sarah E. Donaldson

Associate Professor of Education (2012)

Ph.D., Saint Louis University; M.Ed., University of Missouri; M.Div., Covenant Theological Seminary; B.A., Covenant College.

James L. Drexler

Dean of the Graduate School of Education, Professor of Education, and Coordinator of the Educational Leadership Specialization (2004)

Ph.D and M.S., Georgia State University; B.A., Florida State University.

Kevin J. Eames

Professor of Psychology and Director of Institutional Effectiveness (2003)

Headmaster Grace Community School (2015), Ph.D. Dallas Baptist University; M.Ed., Covenant College; Juris Doctor, Texas Tech University; B.A., Baylor University.

John W. Ferguson, Jr.

Headmaster Grace Community School

Ph.D., Kent State University; M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; B.A., Taylor University.

Jay D. Green

Professor of History (1998)

Ed.D., University of Tennessee; M.Ed., Slippery Rock University; B.A., Grove City College.

Jeffrey B. Hall

Vice President of Academic Affairs (1994)

Ph.D. and M.A., University of Iowa; B.A., Covenant College.

Stephen R. Kaufmann

Professor of Education (1982)

Headmaster Westminster Christian Academy, St. Louis, Missouri (2017). Ed.D., University of North Carolina; M.Ed., Covenant College; B.A., Cedarville College. Website

Barrett L. Mosbacker

Head of School Westminster Christian Academy

Ed.D., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; M.Ed. and B.A., Covenant College.

Rebecca E. Pennington

Professor of Education (2002) and Coordinator of the Integrated Curriculum and Instruction Specialization

Ed.D., University of San Francisco; M.Ed., Holy Names University; B.A., Covenant College. Website

Bruce R. Young

Professor of Education (2004)


Cindy Phillips

Administrative Assistant to Graduate School and the Department of Education