Note to the reader: This is the last of the meditations for this school year. My prayer for you this summer is that the Lord will give you wisdom as you plan for teaching in the fall. You’ll be planning a “new normal” given pandemic realities. But you and your colleagues don’t have to plan […]

Note to the reader: This week’s meditation concerns preferring others over ourselves, which may seem odd to think about when pandemic protocol calls for social distancing and even isolation. How do we “bear one another’s burdens” in times like these? One way I’ve been thinking about lately is the practice of wearing a mask in […]

Note to the reader: In his helpful new book, Coronavirus and Christ, John Piper makes the distinction between saying “I am fine,” and “I feel fine.” We know how we feel, says Piper, but God alone knows how we are. So in world of conoravirus, cancer, and all kinds of other maladies, we can say […]

Note to the reader: These pandemic days have my emotions in a whirl. Some days I feel fine, and other days not so much. Heartbreaking stories and disturbing data about Covid-19 spread are unsettling, and understandably so. Psalm 46 addresses our unsettled world and exhorts us, remarkably, to be still. But it is being still […]

Note to the reader: This week’s meditation deals with issues surrounding curriculum at the high school level. Students have a difficult time seeing the big picture of learning when they navigate very different and seemingly unrelated courses each day. During these pandemic days when schools are closed, and most of us are wondering what our […]

Dr. Jim Drexler describes how a good story resonates with students, and as Christ-followers we are part of the greatest story of all.  

Dr. Rebecca Pennington describes how knowledge is not just an accumulation of bits of information, but rather a holistic integration of that information which enables students to answer life’s big questions.  

Over the next months, I hope to post a series of writings that come from my lifetime of personal experiences as a student, high school teacher, college professor and parent. Most will come from my book Meditations for Teachers: Reflections for Christian Teachers About Their Work. Right now, the book is available only in Hungarian […]

Announcing the 15th annual Educators Conference at Covenant College: “Instructional Technology: Impacts on teaching and learning” on Thursday, March 5, 2020. You don’t want to miss this interactive and informative day with a national leader on instructional technology. For several decades, the information revolution has transformed how we live, work, and learn, and changes have […]