Covenant College GSE Commencement and Alumni Induction Announcement

Graduates:  Please share this information with your families and friends.

As we prepare for the 66th Covenant College Commencement Ceremony, we are reminded of the unique year that we have just experienced, so please bear with me with this long announcement. We will celebrate that we can have an in-person event this year, and welcome back the 2020 graduates! We also want to be prudent as a Georgia college holding our Commencement in Tennessee with quickly changing COVID protocols in both states. Covenant is establishing the protocols that we believe are appropriate for this official college event, and we appreciate your willingness to abide by these protocols for a masked, distanced and ticketed event in order to participate and/or attend. 

We have sought guidance from the Covenant COVID Committee as an official event, and will require all in attendance to wear a mask throughout the ceremony with as many as 2,300 potentially attending. While we would prefer to allow everyone to attend, we need to issue tickets for this event with each participating graduate receiving five (5) tickets for guests. Tickets will be distributed when MAT/MEd graduates pick up their regalia  from the Graduate School Luncheon on Saturday May 22nd at 11:30 in rooms 13 and 14 of the Convention Center. Commencement will not be open to the general public nor to current Covenant students to ensure more space is available for graduates’ families and friends with a ticket. Extra tickets that a graduate is not using may be given to other graduates. All other family and friends are encouraged to watch the ceremony in a comfortable location as we will be live streaming this event. A link will be posted on the Graduate School website closer to time.

In the audience, we will have chairs beside each other in socially distanced rows (six feet from front of row to front of row), and will ask guests to sit together as a family unit and leave two empty chairs in between each family unit. There will be singing of two hymns while masked during this celebration. 

Graduates will be seated in the front section with rows slightly closer together than the audience, but also one foot distance between each chair. Graduates will be encouraged to remove their mask as they walk across stage to receive a scroll from President Halvorson where a picture will be taken. Another individual picture will be taken off stage.

While the Commencement Ceremony is a ticketed event (5 tickets per family) the Graduate School Luncheon will not be adhering to the 5 guest policy. Rather, this luncheon is an RSVP event with a Google form invitation and RSVP attached to this email. Please make sure to RSVP via Google form by Tuesday, May 4th. 

We know local health department policies can change quickly, but we also know we needed to establish direction so families can determine if they are comfortable with our plans and then make arrangements to attend given these conditions. Though this is not what we had hoped for, we seek to care for our community the same way we have been able to have in-person classes this last year. Thank you for your understanding!


Lindsey Fain 
Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Education