Introduction to “Meditations for Teachers” Series

Over the next months, I hope to post a series of writings that come from my lifetime of personal experiences as a student, high school teacher, college professor and parent. Most will come from my book Meditations for Teachers: Reflections for Christian Teachers About Their Work. Right now, the book is available only in Hungarian and in Mandarin, and Covenant has graciously provided me this opportunity to publish parts of the book in English. Along the way, I will add new writings that I am working on since I retired from Covenant in December, 2018.

Each meditation begins with a Scripture passage, followed by a narrative, and closes with a prayer, quotation, or verses from a hymn. The intent is to be suggestive of how a Christian teacher might deal with the subject raised by the meditation. No attempt is made to fully develop the meaning of the Scripture cited. Rather, you are invited to use the Scripture to shed light on topics addressed in the meditations.

My prayer is that teachers in particular will find answers in these writings to questions that they may have about their work. May the Lord’s blessings be yours.

Stephen Kaufmann
Covenant College
November 15, 2019