The following is a brief description of the exciting changes we are making for 2021, and more details for each program can be found under the M.Ed. or MAT links at the top of this page. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have, so please write to Jim Drexler at […]

To the reader: This week’s meditation calls on students to look around and see the world in different ways. Thanksgiving gives all of us time to stop and look. What do we see? Who have we overlooked? May God give us all eyes to see. Learning to Use Both Eyes Religion that God our Father […]

To the reader: In terms of social organization in America, sociologists today are pointing to a shift from a hierarchical to an egalitarian and individualist form of society. We’re losing, they say, the authority and order that comes from such hierarchical arrangements as teachers over students and church leaders over parishioners. In its place, Americans […]

To the reader: In turbulent times such as ours, children want to know what they can count on, and who they can count on. Into that uncertainty, Christian teachers can step with confidence. Someone once asked a famous theologian what is the most important doctrine in the Bible. His reply? “Jesus loves me this I […]

To the reader: How are we doing at forgiving offenses these days? The author Arthur Brooks speaks of an American “culture of contempt” that results more in toxic exchanges than in a forgiving attitude that seeks the good of the other, sometimes disagreeable, person. If adults can’t get along, what should we expect from students? […]

To the reader: Most of us would agree that shoving has no place in school, particularly in this litigious age. Better to play it safe, we say. But sometimes I wonder about our reticence. Read this meditation about shoving and see what you think. Shoving Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all who […]

Dr. Jim Drexler describes how a good story resonates with students, and as Christ-followers we are part of the greatest story of all.  

Dr. Rebecca Pennington describes how knowledge is not just an accumulation of bits of information, but rather a holistic integration of that information which enables students to answer life’s big questions.  

Over the next months, I hope to post a series of writings that come from my lifetime of personal experiences as a student, high school teacher, college professor and parent. Most will come from my book Meditations for Teachers: Reflections for Christian Teachers About Their Work. Right now, the book is available only in Hungarian […]

Announcing the 15th annual Educators Conference at Covenant College: “Instructional Technology: Impacts on teaching and learning” on Thursday, March 5, 2020. You don’t want to miss this interactive and informative day with a national leader on instructional technology. For several decades, the information revolution has transformed how we live, work, and learn, and changes have […]