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An advanced degree grounded in the truth of the Bible

At Covenant College, we believe that our understanding of the world informs and impacts every aspect of our teaching. Our courses provide a Biblical understanding of education, which becomes the foundation of your profession as a teacher or administrator.

Enroll in our education programs at Covenant and change the way you teach, learn, and lead.

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We offer two programs in our Graduate School of Education - Master of Education (M.Ed.) and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).

Learn more about these programs to find the right Master's degree for you.

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M. Ed.

For educators seeking an advanced degree


For college graduates seeking initial certification

Teachers, Scholars, Mentors

Our professors have taught and led in both public and private schools. At Covenant, they impart educational theory and practice, guided by Christian principles and applied with a biblical worldview.

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Learning collaboratively.
Teaching faithfully.

No two students are alike: from across the country and abroad; fresh out of undergraduate school, or well into their professional careers; affiliated with multiple Christian denominations. Together, and from one another, they learn to teach a holistic truth and to treat their own students as humans made in the image of God.

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Dr. Jim Drexler advises prospective students who are interested in the Graduate School of Education at Covenant College.

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